RV Campground

If you haven't noticed already, you soon will, it is becoming more and more difficult to find RV camping facilities. This is because so many people are discovering the pleasure of RV camping and they are buying RV's at an enormous pace. There are next to no new RV sites being developed to satisfy this increasing demand. The best way to guarantee you and your family the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful experience is to own time and where could you find a more perfect location than Radium Valley Vacation Resort.

We offer Ownership programs:

Ownership: You pick a week that you would like to vacation and a certain lot and that belongs to you and your family until 2085. If you can't use that week one year rent it yourself or place it in our rental pool, pass it on to family, what a wonderful legacy to leave to children.


7274 Radium Valley Road, Box 129,
Radium Hot Springs, B.C. V0A 1M0